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Design coaching

Feel like your heads on backwards?

I've been coaching product designers of all levels and specialties for 4+ years, and unlike many coaches, am a product designer myself.

Schedule a session

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Please allow 2-5 business days for a response.

Initial consult

This sessions sole purpose is to figure out if we're a good fit and so I can answer any questions you have about my experience or how I run coaching sessions.

Duration ◆ 20 min

Price ◆ Free


career planning

Find out if product design is the right field for you, whether you're newly graduated, out of a bootcamp, or switching careers. This session can also be used for understanding growth trajectory and options as a product designer. 

Duration ◆ 45 min

Price ◆ $80



Asynchronous review and in-depth feedback on your resume and/or portfolio website. Feedback will be written up and sent through email.

Duration ◆ 1-2 business days

Price ◆ $80


Onsite Interview prep

Live prep help with onsite interviews for junior, intermediate, senior and staff product designers. This includes feedback on case studies, practice with whiteboard exercises and practice run throughs of sessions where you need support.

Duration ◆ 1 hour

Price ◆ $150


design critique

Working on a project or product without a designer? Working on a design project and just need a second set of eyes? Asynchronous review and in-depth feedback on work. Feedback will be written and sent through email.

Duration ◆ 1-2 business days

Price ◆ $200

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